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About Us

Get To Know Your Apartment Experts

Apartment Locators was founded in 2016 by a nationally renowned apartment industry veteran and a phenomenal team of Leasing and Relocation Consultants who saw that many people currently living in Nashville as well as the multitude of people relocating to the Nashville area needed expert assistance in evaluating their rental housing options. Out of an effort to help those people in need at a price they can afford (FREE), Nashville Apartment Locators was formed.

We love what we do

Apartment Locators are talented people who could be doing many other things. We are in this business because we get to boast about our favorite city everyday, meet interesting people, help them, and make a nice living doing it. What more could we ask for?

Our 3 Promises


No hidden costs

Our service is free to apartment residents and always will be.


We get the job done

We will meet your specific needs, time frame, and budget.


Less work for you

We do the searching while you do the living.We take pride in being able to make your move or relocation a much more pleasant experience.

Our Awesome Team

HaleyHaley Jones

If we ever lose Haley around the office we just attach a piece of kale to a string and wait in the shadows. This health and wellness junkie can give you tips on how to make various types of vegetation edible and her wholesome energy is contagious. A lot of us had never considered actually consuming a beet until she started working here,  but just like Haley’s adventurous spirit we are open to new experiences. When Haley isn’t helping her clients find apartment Nirvana she could be kickboxing or enjoying some live music around the city, (as long as it’s not country). She thrives on new adventures and loves meeting new people. Haley has lived in Nashville for over five years in a lot of different areas and has done plenty of exploring during that time. She has knowledge of both the apartments and what it’s like to live in each neighborhood. She also enjoys traveling and as a result has a lot of life experience to draw from. She excels at providing people with an experience that goes beyond a shallow business interaction and is someone you can count on to listen to your needs and personalize your apartment search. She works hard and stays very busy but she did manage to find the time recently to learn how to do a headstand. She also has some pretty sweet dance moves and unlike most of us in the office, she never looks like she’s stroking out when music is playing. If Haley could have a superpower she would like to fly. This would make her even more unstoppable since her healthy lifestyle already gives her a billion times more energy than the average human.

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NickNick Holte

Nick is an old soul with a huge heart. When he’s not curled up in his reading nook with his dog Huckleberry he is usually at a movie theater with reclining seats, transcending reality and taking up residence in his expansive imagination. On a normal day away from the office you might catch him serenading Huckleberry with Britney Spears or heavy metal in his Downtown apartment, with or without human guests there to appreciate his vocal range. He is always willing to pause Beetlejuice, his favorite movie, so we can experience some freestyle karaoke in his natural habitat and we all look forward to his spur of the moment musicals. His pure enjoyment of life and love of laughter puts each of his clients at ease immediately. He is patient and kind and since he thoughtfully listens to each person he works with, he is able to help every client feel 100% comfortable at the end of the day that they have made the right decision and will love their new home. Though Nick thrives on creativity and has experience with customer service in many capacities, his career path led him to Real Estate and ultimately to Nashville Apartment Locators. Very quickly he was promoted to the role of Team Leader which makes sense since most good leaders are compassionate, intelligent and ultimately a little bit crazy. All kidding aside it is quite an achievement to be given a leadership role so quickly after joining a company but we all know it’s because his empathy for his clients and coworkers and his energy for the job make him someone we can all respect and look to for support. Nick is the kind of person that might show up to work wearing a chicken suit but only because his afternoon client is a chicken and he wants them to feel completely at ease. Nick has a lot of superheroes he considers mentors but if he had to choose he would like to be the Phoenix from X-Men since she is like one giant collection of super heroes combined and the ultimate badass. Weiner dogs are vey loyal creatures and and there is no way Huckleberry would let his dad go into battle without him so Nick is working on fashioning a very dog friendly superhero ensemble as we speak.

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SaraSara Murphy

RachelRachel Attarian

Rachel is a redheaded Armenian from Northern California, who much to her chagrin, is not shaped like Kim Kardashian. Because her genetics did not allow for a career in Reality TV she left California to pursue Real Estate and became one of the first agents to begin with Nashville Apartment Locators. After living in Nashville for five years she has started adapting to her environment and fallen in love with the city, all the while struggling to make it sound natural when she says Y’all in public. She’s still not entirely comfortable with the humidity or the giant bugs in the south but once she discovered you could fry a pickle she was sold. When she’s not touring Nashville with her clients you might find her surrounded by her tiny two dog army of chihuahuas and crafting happily into the night. She has a slight obsession with baby dragons and vintage clothing and a neurotic urge to karaoke at all times. She refuses to accept that her life is not a musical and will probably subject you to her singing at some point during your appointment. Rachel’s experience in the professional world spans across a wide range of jobs that all focus on client relationships, but it wasn’t until finding Real Estate that she fell in love with her career. She is most confident in her ability to connect with people and learn their stories. She may be sarcastic and constantly laughing far too loud but her heart is a squishy little blob inside and she uses a high level of empathy to connect with every client she works with. She has lived in a lot of different cities and various neighborhoods in Nashville and her life experience includes decades of adventures. She finds her work/ life balance once she’s surrounded by nature and has explored a lot of the gorgeous forests and mountains outside of Nashville. If Rachel was a superhero she would want to be able to talk to animals but also transform into them which is probably due to her being older than a lot of her coworkers and religiously reading The Animorphs series as she was growing up. She would also like to be Xena.

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JessiJessi Harris

Jessi is our resident TV celeb and had a cameo on HGTV for an entire ten seconds. Ask her about it. She’s very down to earth despite her fame. She might charge you for an autograph but since the rest of your appointment is totally free, it’s still a great deal. Jessi is guaranteed to make you laugh free of charge during your day together and since medically it’s been proven that laughter prolongs your life span she’s basically a Doctor. Ok, she may not actually be a Doctor but she is really smart and has an MBA among other impressive accomplishments. If the size of a human brain was in proportion to the amount of wisdom it possessed, Jessi’s tiny body would capsize under the weight of her enormous head. Don’t feel intimidated though. She is one of those really smart women that is also endearingly awkward and as a result has developed a sense of humor that can immediately put anyone at ease as soon as they meet her. People obviously love spending time with her since she is the only one in the office that went to EIGHT PROMS. She has a lot of experience in the Real Estate industry including a career as an on-site Leasing Agent at one of Nashville’s popular Downtown properties. She has effectively flipped two houses and she has a lot of knowledge and life experience to share with each client about the Nashville market. Jessi is genuinely emotionally invested in learning who you are as a person when she meets you. She is specifically interested in what flavor of wings you like and what you plan on naming your future children or pets. When she’s not touring clients she’s running, hiking or spending time with her dog Fleet. If she could have a super power she would like to time travel. She would spend most of her time traveling in the 60s, 70s, and 90s enjoying the music and fashions and telling everyone she invented the iphone.

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KolleenKolleen Pascarella

When Kolleen is not re-organizing her already perfectly organized desk you will find her preparing flawlessly symmetrical To Do lists and sorting her paperclips by size and weight capacity. If you have ever met a person that arranges their skittles by color before eating them Kolleen is the person that initially created a Skittle pie chart before deciding to eat pasta instead. She is very proud of her Italian roots and enjoys cooking almost as much as she enjoys cleaning. Almost. 

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DanielleDanielle Lieder

RaelynRaelyn Johnson

Raelyn is an Ohio native with years of apartment leasing experience in Nashville. 


LaBrandonLaBrandon Pickett

SherwinSherwin Farhoudi

KatieKatie Bolinger

BriannaBrianna Galbraith

AngelaAngela Miller


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AndresAndres Herrera

MaddieMaddie Bounds

Licensed Leasing &

SammySammy Herrick

CatieCatie Stanford

SaraSara Burke