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Apartment Locators + Belmont University

Apartment Locators has helped hundreds of students with off campus housing, and we’re ready to help you too!

Maddie Bounds is one of our amazing consultants who specializes in off-campus housing for Belmont students. Maddie will consult with you in-person or virtually to get an idea of what you’re looking for in your apartment, then she’ll build a customized list of options according to your personal preferences and budget.

Maddie offers exceptional service for all of her clients. She realizes how stressful the apartment search can be, so her focus is to take that all away from you while also making it fun on the way! She will take care of arranging all of the tours to save you time and put you one step closer to finding your perfect apartment match!

Looking for a roommate to cut down your rent cost a little bit? Find your roommate with the assistance of Belmont’s Off-Campus Housing Help page! Once you’ve found your roommate, you’re ready to go!

Maddie and our team can’t wait to help you find your new home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to find my roommate before we start the apartment search?

Yes! Finding a roommate can be super beneficial to students who are looking to save a little money on rent! Before searching for your new home, it’s important to find who you will be living with first. Our professionals can’t wait to help you and your roommate find something you love!

What if I want to live by myself?

Nashville has thousands of different floorplans and options to choose from. If you’re wanting your own space, there is an abundance of 1bedrooms or studio options. Just Tell Maddie what you’re looking for, and if it’s out there, she will find it!

Do I need a co-signer/guarantor?

Maybe! Apartments just want to know that their tenants will be able to pay rent. If you can’t provide proof that you have income or sometimes established credit, a co-signer/guarantor might be required. A co-signer is a third-party individual who assumes responsibility of the lease if the primary lessee is unable to do so. Parents are usually a great option for a co-signer/guarantor.

Will my options be limited if I work with you?

Absolutely not! We have relationships with almost all of the communities around Nashville. After finding out your specific needs, wants, time frame and budget, Maddie will do a full market sweep and pull all of the options that fit your wishlist!